Advanced POA

consensus mechanism

Consensus refers to the process of reaching agreement between the system nodes.Consensus mechanism is the soul of blockchain.

Technology Innovation

Metaverse-ZKN Ecology

ZKN Token is the ZKN native asset,the ZKN token is the token required for mortgage platform.

ZKN Social platform

Build your own multi-world,enabling players to use or even upgrade their characters and items in sequels or completely different games.

Derivatives for transactions

The platform uses special algorithms to anchor the stability of the market and pricing system to meet the diversified needs of investors.
ZKN aims to build a complete DeFi ecosystem

Complete ecosystem

Incentive mechanism
Holding ZKN to obtain the corresponding income,according to the different investment amount,the income is divided into 6 matrices,6 matrix lit in turn,the investment income is settled once a week.
Promotion mechanism
The behaviors that stimulate ZKN ecological prosperity will get corresponding accordingly.
Lending and credit mechanism
In the blockchain world,the decentralized smart contract code will implement all the rules and greatly remove the interference of human factors.

To prove that the

space of ZKN network

is shared by all

Whenever you run the program

Connecting to the network

You can use the player to create

and have different identity experiences

And you get the benefits from it

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